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Zip package is a special type of plastic packaging that is equipped with a special lock that allows you to open and close the bag. Such bags are one of the most popular in the modern packaging market, they are especially appreciated for their versatility, tightness and reusability. We are a manufacturer of zip bags based on our SIMFOOD antibacterial and antimicrobial film.

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Why our packages are better

Thanks to the sputtering of zinc oxide or silver nanoparticles, which are antimicrobial and antifungal agents, pathogenic organisms, falling on such a film, die within a few minutes. The use of SIMFOOD + packaging films in our zip bags provides reliable protection against microorganisms. SIMFOOD + is more efficiently treated than standard antibacterial spray treatments. Due to the slow migration of agents from the packaging material to the surface, a high concentration of antimicrobial substances is maintained for a long period. This effect makes it possible to extend the stages of transportation and storage of food products. This is especially true when storing meat and meat products.


SIM + presents antimicrobial Zip bags for food, restaurant, medical and other industries. There is the possibility of manufacturing OEM (personal brand).

How to use

They can store, for example, the following:

  • small repair products and small electronics (bolts, nails, nuts, corners);
  • bulk food (salt, spices, tea, coffee, sweets, dragees, cookies);
  • feed for animals, birds and fish;
  • cosmetics (cotton pads, cotton swabs, sponges, brushes);
  • medicines (tablets, medicinal herbs, food additives, powders);
  • decorations and handicrafts (rhinestones, beads, pins, buttons, buttons);
  • stationery (buttons, sticks for counting, crayons, paper clips);
  • toys (constructor parts, puzzles);
  • documents, photographs, cards, etc.

Packages have excellent transparency, which allows you to see and assess the condition of products or goods without opening the package.

What zip packages are made of

SIMFOOD + antimicrobial cling film can be composed of transparent polymers based on CPP, L LDPE, Bopp or DPE, to choose from.

Non-oriented polypropylene film based on CPP has sufficient strength, is puncture-resistant, transparent and perfectly withstands sub-zero temperatures, has a high strength of the weld and good barrier properties. Film thickness from 20 to 100 microns. The operating temperature range of CPP film is from 10C to + 100C.

The film based on linear polyethylene LLDPE has a low density. Therefore, these films are more resistant to cracking, good strength, transparency and barrier properties with respect to oxygen. Usually used in the manufacture of stretch or shrink films, bags for heavy loads, waste.

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Zip package manufacturer

We are a Korean brand offering you favorable terms of cooperation with a manufacturing plant. We use the most advanced technologies in production and guarantee quality. Our quality of our products is confirmed by international certificates.

Since 2018, the company has been officially registered in Russia as Sim Decor LLC. For the convenience of logistics, offices and warehouses were opened in Moscow and Vladivostok. The company “Sim Decor” regularly participates in Russian and international specialized exhibitions. Our friendly team already includes more than a dozen young, purposeful specialists.

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