Thermoresistant paper

Heat-shrinkable antimicrobial film is a type of polyethylene packaging film that has antibacterial and antiviral effects. Differs in a pronounced ability to contract under the influence of high temperature when cooling down, takes the shape of the packed surface and does not lose its antimicrobial properties for a long time. Shrink films are made from PVC, polyethylene and POF.

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Protects business and health!

Antimicrobial films prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses, killing 99%. They work 24 hours 7 days a week to protect people’s health. Your business needs effective and inexpensive protection against infecting employees and visitors with a new threat – COVID-19, as well as against influenza, E. coli, Salmonella and other dangerous viruses and bacteria.

How to use shrink wrap

use of shrink wrap

Where to use

It can be used anywhere where uneven surfaces and common anti-microbial film are difficult to adhere, for example:

  • Door handles
  • Bus handrails
  • Supermarket trolleys

The advantage of our shrink wrap

Our shrink wrap is made from raw materials that guarantee its strength and durability. When heated, polyethylene film shrinks almost instantly. It has little weight, stretches well, it is difficult to break it, even with sharp corners.

Antimicrobial and antiviral effect

Our film is designed to protect surfaces from bacteria and viruses.


Protects surfaces from damage and moisture.


Our film is not subject to burning


After heat treatment, our film tightly wraps around the surface, takes its shape and becomes strong.


Our shrink wrap lasts more than 5 years without losing its antimicrobial effect.

Film specifications

  • Thickness 0.3mm ~ 0.5mm, sleeve width 2.8 ~ 10.5cm, sleeve diameter 15mm ~ 60mm, roll length 50 ~ 150m
  • Diameters with roll length, possible for the production of Ø15mm -150 lm, Ø25mm – 150 lm, Ø40mm – 100 lm, Ø60mm – 50 lm
  • Made of polymer based on ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) with copper spraying
  • Has a pinkish tint, 70% transparency

Film delivery

We deliver throughout Russia and the CIS by transport companies. Delivery time depends on the region, you can check it with our managers.

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Our manager will contact you within 10 minutes to clarify the order.
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