Antibacterial and antivirus protection products

In the modern world, due to the increase in population and the reduction in travel time between cities, viruses and bacteria have become a great danger. They can multiply on any surface, infecting your family and your clients.

Our company “Sim Decor” LLC provides a wide range of protection against microbes by offering you antibacterial and antiviral products. All our products do an excellent job with dangerous viruses, including coronavirus .

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COVID-19 Protection Products

Copper antimicrobial film (CU)

  • With copper ions
  • Faint pink tinge
  • With and without adhesive coating
  • For covering large surfaces: tables, racks, handrails, touch screens, elevators, button panels

Zinc antimicrobial film (ZnO)

  • With zinc oxide ions
  • Transparent
  • With and without adhesive coating
  • For covering small surfaces: gadgets, smartphones touch screens, keyboards

Innovative antimicrobial products SIMFOOD+

  • Food grade antimicrobial film
  • Food Antimicrobial ZIP Packages, Antimicrobial gloves
  • Food grade antimicrobial paper
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Shrink films How to use

Shrink antimicrobial films

  • Shrink film in sleeve with copper ions
  • Made from EVA polymer with copper sputtering
  • Thickness 0.3mm ~ 0.5mm, sleeve width 2.8~10.5cm, sleeve diameter 15mm~60mm, roll length 50~150m
  • Has a pinkish tint, 70% transparency
  • For pasting door handles, tool handles and other narrow contact surfaces
  • Diameters with coil winding lengths possible for production Ø15mm -150lm, Ø25mm – 150lm, Ø40mm – 100lm, Ø60 mm – 50lm

How it works

Film material

We have developed the innovative SIMFOOD + film, which is more effective against microorganisms. She has a special treatment with ions of zinc or copper, more effectively copes with COVID-19 than the standard treatment with antibacterial sprays. Due to the slow migration of agents from the packaging material to the surface, a high concentration of antimicrobial substances is maintained for a long period.


SIM + is ready to supply products to any region of Russia and the CIS. It is possible to manufacture OEM (personal brand).

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